Video: NovelKeys NK65 Entry Edition Quick Review
November 13, 2020 Andrew Cheng

We took a look at the NK65 Aluminium Edition previously, and now, we bring you a review of (essentially) the more affordable variant of the custom mechanical keyboard, the NovelKeys NK65 Entry Edition. Sporting a polycarbonate case instead of aluminium, the NK65 Entry offers fantastic value for money with a $95 price tag, which comes up to about RM390.

Beyond the different case material, the NK65 Entry is practically identical to the costlier Aluminium model. In fact, thanks to the fact that it has a polycarbonate case, it doesn’t suffer from any case pinging, which is typically associated with aluminium cases. This makes for a more neutral sound profile, which could be a desirable trait for certain folks.

If you want to pick up the NovelKeys NK65 Entry Edition, you can do so sometime towards the end of this month – that’s when 1,000 units of the NK65 Entry (in N65 Purple) will be available for purchase on NovelKeys’ website.