Shopee Lists Proton X50 for RM120,000 – Stand a Chance to Buy It for RM1
October 26, 2020 Andrew Cheng

Now this is a little bit of a surprise: Shopee just released a listing for the Proton X50. Not only is this done by Shopee itself, the e-commerce site could very well have revealed the pricing of the B-segment SUV. How much exactly? A cool RM120,000.

That’s right, RM120,000 for what appears to be the Flagship model of the X50. Shopee is offering the SUV as part of its “One or Not” promotion, which gives customers a chance to purchase the X50 for only RM1 instead of the SUV’s full price. Basically, it’s a lucky draw of sorts where only one customer who “purchased” the X50 for RM1 will walk (or rather, drive) away with it.

So will the X50 really go for RM120,000? Well, there are a couple of things to keep in mind here. Although the Shopee listing shows that the SUV is intended to retail at RM120,000, there’s a chance this is simply a placeholder for the One or Not promotion. We’re inclined to believe this is the case, given that this pricing is too close to the range-topping Proton X70, which retails at RM122,800 (without the 100% tax exemption).

As for the One or Not promotion itself, Shopee is throwing in quite a number of benefits alongside the X50. Not only will the e-commerce site provide insurance for the SUV – supposedly covered up to RM2,800 for one year – it will also cover the road tax (one year), registration fee, and even the cost to get the number plate done.

If you’re keen to try your luck to score the Proton X50 for only RM1 from Shopee, you can do so here. As for how much the highly anticipated B-segment SUV will really cost, we’ll find out tomorrow from Proton itself on 27 October.