This Is Possibly the Proton X50’s Key Fob
September 10, 2020 Andrew Cheng

Proton’s highly anticipated B-segment SUV – widely believed to be called the Proton X50 – is arriving very, very soon. As we lead up to the launch of the new model, more leaks are slowly making their way to the internet. This time around, it’s the alleged key fob of the X50.

This bit of leak comes from Paultan, which was tipped by a reader with an image of a key fob that likely belongs to the X50. After all, it looks very similar to that of the Geely Binyue’s key fob – which the X50 is based on – as evident in this listing. (It’s humourously described as the X50’s key fob as well.)

Given that the X50 will possibly share the same key fob as the Binyue, there’s a good chance Proton’s upcoming SUV will also come with remote engine start. As its name suggests, this feature allows the car to be started with just the key fob, which can prove to be useful in certain situations.

Aside from the key fob, there are also chatters that the X50 will not in fact be called…the X50. Apparently, the new model will carry the Proton SX11 name instead, which was actually the codename for the Geely Binyue. However, keep in mind that this is merely a rumour at this point in time. At least, until the national carmaker itself officially reveals the name.

We expect Proton to share more details on the X50 – or the SX11 – very soon. This will likely happen as early as next week, as per our earlier report. As for how much the B-segment SUV will cost, we’re confident it will go below the RM90,000 mark.