Proton X50 Will Likely Cost Below RM90,000 in Malaysia
September 3, 2020 Andrew Cheng

The Proton X50 was finally teased by Proton in its Merdeka celebration video. While it remains to be seen exactly when the national carmaker will officially launch the new model – let alone how much it will cost – we have reason to believe that the upcoming B-segment SUV will cost below RM90,000 in Malaysia.

That’s right, we are confident the range-topping variant of the Proton X50 will be priced below the RM90,000 mark once it is introduced here. See, Affin Bank is currently running a campaign for its new Affin Duo credit card, and the grand prize is a “new exclusive Proton.”

Obviously, this piqued our interest, and that’s when we took a closer look at the campaign image below. More specifically, the silhouette of the Proton model in question in the background.

Without a doubt the Proton model shown in the campaign page looks very much like the Proton X50, especially the outline of the car and the shape of the LED DRL in the headlights. Of course, we then went through the terms and conditions of the Affin Duo campaign to look for more information, and that’s when we came across something very, very interesting.

“Each eligible cardmember is in a running to win one (1) brand new exclusive Proton car worth up to RM90,000,” as Affin Bank wrote in the terms and conditions. Of course, the bank further clarified that this excludes insurance and road tax, and that the final price is “subject to Proton’s announcement upon the launch of the new exclusive Proton variant in Malaysia’s market.”

Granted, Affin Bank does not outright mention that the Proton model is the X50, but then we came across this thread of the Affin Duo credit card on Lowyat.NET’s forum (thanks for the tip, Pang!). A forum member by the name of voonmingloo shared an image of the “marketing strategy” for the Affin Duo credit card, which specifically mentions the X50 as the grand prize.

With all of these in mind, we are confident that Affin Bank is indeed offering the Proton X50 as the grand prize for the Affin Duo campaign, and that the upcoming SUV will be priced below RM90,000. Of course, this price is subject to change by Proton itself, as pointed out by Affin Bank.

Regardless, this is definitely an exciting development for the Proton X50, and we cannot wait for the B-segment SUV to be officially launched by the national carmaker. Stay tuned to Nextrift for the latest updates on the X50.