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YouTube Testing Cheaper Premium Lite Subscription for Ad-Free Viewing

If you’ve always wanted ad-free viewing on YouTube, but can’t quite justify the cost of a YouTube Premium subscription, we’ve got good news. YouTube is currently testing out a more affordable Premium Lite plan, which offers ad-free viewing on YouTube without the extra perks of the full Premium subscription.

This new plan was first spotted by a user on ResetEra. In a statement given to The Verge, YouTube confirmed that the Premium Lite is currently being tested in Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Unfortunately, although the Premium Lite page is accessible right now, the plan is not offered in Malaysia yet. Anyway, compared to the full YouTube Premium subscription, the Lite version only offers ad-free viewing on YouTube and YouTube Kids.

Basically, you won’t get YouTube Premium perks such as offline downloads, background play, as well as access to YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Originals. Of course, if you don’t care about these perks, we reckon Premium Lite is perfectly suitable for you.

Then again, it remains to be seen just how much YouTube Premium Lite will cost here in Malaysia, so it’s hard to decide whether it’s really worth it to go for that instead of the full Premium plan. Currently, YouTube Premium costs RM26.90 per month in Malaysia.

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