You’re Required to Check Out With the MySejahtera App Now

Aside from making it easier to show the risk level and vaccination status of a user, the new MySejahtera update will also add a “check out” button. When you’re leaving a particular premise, you are now required to confirm that you have checked out of the location.

According to the Minister of Health, Khairy Jamaluddin, this is done to improve contact tracing. It makes sense: if you’ve checked out before an infected person checks in to a certain premise, you won’t be affected.

Of course, in order to check out, you won’t need to scan any MySejahtera QR code again. All you have to do is to just hit the check out button right below the name of the premise, as shown in the screenshots above.

The new update for the MySejahtera app is being pushed out tonight, though it’s not available for download yet at the time of writing. Nonetheless, it’s safe to assume the new update will go live tomorrow.

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4 Replies to You’re Required to Check Out With the MySejahtera App Now

  1. I have been trying to have my Mysejahtera updated on my vaccination status. Several requests have been made through your help desk but until today the response is neglectable.

    Try to improve your own manpower first then go to the system. You can have a very upgrade system but if the man that operate the system is of lower mentality you are wasting people money.

  2. But then how come my vaccination status and Digicert has disappeared i.e. after I log out and log in again my Mysejastera app. Appreciate your advise.

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