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You May Not Be Able to Buy Older PlayStation Games on PC & Mobile Soon

The PlayStation Store is reportedly getting a revamp soon. In a leaked email addressed to developers from Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), a “brand new PlayStation Store” will be rolled out on 19 October, which will remove a number of features. Most notably is the ability to purchase older games through web browsers and mobile.

This news come from Planète Vita, which managed to get its hands on the email. If the content of the email is to be believed, games and DLC initially released on the PS3, PSP, and Vita will no longer be accessible through a web browser from 19 October onwards. On mobile, the change will take effect on 28 October instead.

Of course, you can still search for these content, but only on each respective system. PS3 games and DLC can only be accessed directly with a PS3 console, and the same apply to the PSP and Vita for their content. Basically, it just won’t be quite as convenient anymore to look for games for these older consoles.

On top of that, apps, themes, and avatars for the PS4 will no longer be accessible on web browsers and mobile as well. The Wishlist feature on the PlayStation Store will supposedly be removed too, so if you use the feature quite a bit, you may want to take note of what’s in the list while you still can.

Chances are, these changes are meant to streamline and simplify the PlayStation Store before the PS5 arrives. After all, by (essentially) removing PS3, PSP, and Vita content from the store on web browsers and mobile, it’ll be easier to find more relevant content for the next generation console. We’ll find out soon enough if these changes to the PlayStation Store are legitimate.

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