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You Can Now Recycle Your Electronics With Volvo’s E-waste Green Box

Volvo Car Malaysia (VCM) just announced a new effort with E-waste Recycling Through Heroes (ERTH) to properly dispose off electronic waste. If you have smartphones, laptops, monitors, or even PC peripherals that are no longer functional, you can now just recycle them at any authorised Volvo dealership with the E-waste Green Box program.

Basically, you’ll just need to bring electronic items that you want to dispose off to a Volvo dealership and drop them off in the E-waste Green Box; e-waste that are accepted include any device or component that run on electricity or battery. Of course, they have to be small enough to fit into the box, though you can book for a pickup for bulky items with ERTH itself.

However, do note that light bulbs or neon lights are not accepted, as there’s a risk of them breaking in the box or while being transported. E-waste that are collected in the box are also properly recycled, repurposed, or disposed off. “ERTH are locally processing 100% of the e-waste and not exporting any of it to developing countries,” as the company puts it.

This initiative is in line with Volvo’s Green Planet program, which focuses on the carmaker becoming a greener and more sustainable brand, including reducing its carbon footprint. “Our hope is to create a greener future for the generation to come by efficiently removing e-waste from landfill,” said VCM.

You can head on to VCM’s official website to find out more about the E-waste Green Box program. You can also look for the nearest authorised Volvo dealership right here.

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