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You Can Get This Popular GMK Keycap Set Without Paying a Premium Now

GMK keycap sets take a long, long time to start shipping to customers, but you won’t have to wait that long (or pay a premium) for this particular set. For a limited time, Drop is offering the Cyberdeck base kit of the popular GMK Laser set for $110 – that comes up to about RM455.

While this is still quite a bit of money “just” for a keycap set, it’s worth noting that you’re paying about the same amount of money as purchasing a GMK set during group buy, which takes a year (at a minimum) to start shipping. The fact that this GMK Laser set is currently in stock without a price premium is really quite a big deal.

To put this into context, the Cyberdeck base kit of GMK Laser usually go for $140 (about RM580), so you’re saving $30 (around RM125) with this deal. Needless to say, that’s quite a big amount of discount.

Drop doesn’t mention exactly how long the GMK Laser set will be on sale, so if you want to grab it for $110, you may want to act fast. Not sure if GMK sets are worth the money? We’ve got you covered – watch our video above or read our article here.

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