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You Can Buy Armaggeddon Gaming Laptops & Desktops in Malaysia Soon

Chances are, you’ve heard about Armaggeddon before. Mostly known for its range of peripherals, the company is expanding its product portfolio quite a bit. Not only is it offering gaming monitors now, it is also planning to introduce its own range of gaming laptops and desktops in the near future.

Of course, as Armaggeddon is known for its affordable price points, the company’s upcoming gaming laptops and desktops will be priced competitively too. In fact, Armaggeddon is confident it can offer a lower price point for its pre-built desktops than building one yourself – that’s a really good selling point.

Armaggeddon is doing a couple of things to lower the prices of its desktop machines. For one, the PSU and case will be provided by the company itself, so it can definitely give some discount here and there. If you want a different PSU or case, you’re out of luck: only Armaggeddon-branded options are available.

On top of that, Armaggeddon will also be partnering with MSI for its pre-built desktops, so the GPU and motherboard options will be provided solely by the Taiwanese company. Given the prestige of MSI’s hardware products, this is definitely a plus point.

Needless to say, this partnership would allow Armaggeddon to further lower the prices of its desktop offerings.

One of the best reasons to buy a pre-built gaming rig from Armaggeddon would have to be its warranty coverage. If any part of the PC malfunction, you can just bring it back to the company for warranty claim. It’s definitely a lot easier (and convenient) to just refer back to Armaggeddon for any issue.

Several Armaggeddon desktops were shown to us at a press briefing earlier today, and looking at the internals of the gaming rigs, they seem to be put together quite well. The cable management is relatively good, there’s no use of custom extensions, and it looks to be easy to swap out the individual parts.

Unfortunately, Armaggeddon will only offer its pre-built gaming rigs in Malaysia later this year; we were told they will only be rolled out towards the end of 2019. In addition, these desktops will be pre-configured by the company, so consumers won’t have the flexibility of customising their own machines. The good news? Armaggeddon has plans to allow for customisation in the future.

As for its upcoming gaming laptops, they will be based on Clevo’s designs, as expected. It’s a similar practice employed by a number of companies that offer custom gaming laptops, including Illegear and Level 51 – both of these companies use Clevo-based machines.

But for Armaggeddon, there is one clear difference: it wouldn’t offer the same level of customisation. The laptop’s hardware configuration would be determined by the company itself, and it won’t be offering super high-end gaming laptops either.

Speaking with a representative of Armaggeddon, we were told to expect gaming laptops from the company to cost below RM6,000, with GPU options that top out at RTX 2070 or (more likely) RTX 2060. Not the most powerful GPU options, but still plenty respectable.

Just like the pre-built desktops, Armaggeddon will only start offering its own gaming laptops towards the end of the year. While that’s still quite some time away, the value for money of these upcoming machines may be well worth waiting for.

On a side note, Armaggeddon will also expand into the gaming chair and table market; the company will share more details on both of these product categories sometime next month. Evidently, Armaggeddon is aggressively venturing into different markets.

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