Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot Is a Thermomix Alternative for RM4,599 in Malaysia

Xiaomi has released a wide range of kitchen appliances, and its latest offering in Malaysia could just be the brand’s most interesting one yet. Enter the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot, which is touted as a more affordable alternative to the popular Thermomix.

Compared to the Thermomix TM6, for example – which currently retails at an eye-watering RM7,488 in Malaysia – the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot is priced at only RM4,599. Needless to say, it’s quite a bit more affordable than the TM6, and it is feature-packed too with recipes tailored to the local market.

We were told that the Smart Cooking Robot currently has over 200 recipes, and some of them include dishes loved by locals such as nasi lemak (!) and Hainanese chicken rice. More recipes will be added in the future too, and no membership is required to access them.

Other features of the Smart Cooking Robot include an 8-inch touchscreen, 3D induction heating – from 35°C to 180°C – and the ability to prepare three dishes and a soup simultaneously. A slew of accessories are bundled with the appliance as well, including a steamer set, blender base with blade, whisk, scraper, mesh basket, and measuring spoons.

The Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot is now available for purchase in Malaysia at Xiaomi stores for RM4,599. We were told that stocks are limited at the moment, so if you’re keen to get this Thermomix alternative, you may want to contact your nearest Xiaomi store soon.

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