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Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Official: Supports Android TV & Chromecast for Less Than RM200

Xiaomi just introduced a slew of new products, and one of the most exciting ones is the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. As its name suggests, it connects to a regular TV to transform it into a smart TV. On top of that, the Mi TV Stick supports both Android TV and Chromecast, not to mention the fact that it’s quite affordable.

Just like Google’s own Chromecast dongle, the Mi TV Stick is plugged into a TV’s HDMI port. Once you’ve done that, just connect it to the internet to enjoy all the features of Android TV, including access to the Google Play Store to download streaming and gaming apps.

Also bundled with the Mi TV Stick is a dedicated Bluetooth remote, complete with a built-in microphone. This allows you to give voice commands to perform various tasks, thanks to the integration of Google Assistant. It’s also a rather simple remote, with dedicated buttons to access Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video.

Of course, the Mi TV Stick’s Chromecast support also allows you to cast content directly to the connected TV from your phone, laptop, or tablet. However, this is only limited to 1080p, but given the affordable pricing of the TV Stick, it’s not really a surprise.

Speaking of which, the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick retails at €40 globally, which comes up to about RM195. Unfortunately, the Malaysian availability and pricing of the media player have not been announced yet.

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