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Watch Your Genshin Impact Journey Recap & Get Primogems

Mihoyo just released a rather interesting web event for Genshin Impact‘s first anniversary. It’s a recap of your journey in the game, and you can get some Primogems through the web event too.

In order to get the Primogems, you’ll need to watch through your “Anniversary Theater.” Once you’ve done that, a gift box will be unlocked, which will reward you with 40 Primogems. If you share your unique link to other players (for the first time), you’ll get an additional 20 Primogems. Players who click on your link will get a random reward too.

While these Primogems aren’t exactly a lot, it’s a nice bonus to watch a recap of your journey in Genshin Impact. It has some interesting trivia too, including how much Mora you’ve spent in the game, the character you’ve used the most in domains, as well as how many days you’ve been active in the game.

If you’re curious about your progress in Genshin Impact so far – or you just want the 60 Primogems you can get right off the bat – you can check your Anniversary Theater right here.