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Vortex at Computex 2023: M0110, M0110A, Model M SSK, Model Mini

If you’ve been in the keyboard hobby for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Vortex. It is the company behind the much-loved Pok3r keyboard, and at Computex 2023, the brand brought showed off several new keyboards. These include the M0110, M0110A, Model M SSK, and a (very) early unit of the Model Mini.

What initially caught our eye at Vortex’s booth is the M0110, which was available for pre-order through Rebult Keyboards. It’s a gasket-mounted keyboard with support for VIA and QMK; a rare feature for a pre-built keyboard. It can also connect to a device wirelessly via Bluetooth or a 2.4GHz dongle, and it requires two AA batteries to operate.

Next, we have the Model M SSK. It’s touted as a homage to the classic IBM Model M SSK, so it has a more vintage aesthetic. Just like the M0110, the Model M SSK features a gasket mount design, QMK and VIA support, as well as an FR4 plate. It also has a full aluminium case.

Speaking of the M0110, there are actually two more versions of the keyboard: M0110A and M0110A-1800. The M0110A features a 60% layout with the addition of a numpad, while the M0110A-1800 (as its name suggests) has a 1800 layout. Both of them also comes with an aluminium chassis and a gasket mount design, though they don’t have wireless capability.

Last but not least is the Model Mini, an upcoming 60% keyboard from Vortex with VIA/QMK compatibility. Only the aluminium chassis is shown at the booth, so chances are, it’ll be some time before the Model Mini is ready for release.

The Vortex M0110 and Model M SSK are expected to be available by the end of June 2023 this month, while the M0110A and M0110A-1800 will arrive slightly later.

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