vivo X100 Pro – Sophisticated Smartphone Camera With ZEISS APO Telephoto Lens

Over the past few years, vivo has consistently released impressive high-end phones, and the latest vivo X100 Pro is its best flagship smartphone yet. Not only does it feature a sophisticated camera system co-engineered with renowned brand ZEISS, it is also a fast, sleek-looking premium smartphone.

If you want one of the best smartphone cameras in the market now, look no further than the vivo X100 Pro. Its ZEISS triple camera system is truly capable of capturing some great-looking shots – along with some other compelling features – and we’ll show you just what kind of images you can capture with the phone.

First, let’s talk about the X100 Pro’s triple camera setup in detail, which is made up of a 50MP f/1.75 ZEISS 1-inch primary sensor, a 50MP f/2.5 ZEISS APO floating telephoto lens with a 100mm focal length (or 4.3x zoom), and a 50MP f/2.0 ultra-wide shooter. Thanks to the large 1-inch Sony IMX989 sensor used for the 50MP shooter, it can absorb more light, improving both low light performance and detail preservation.

Aside from that, the X100 Pro’s 50MP main camera also features ZEISS T* coating. The main advantage of the anti-reflective coating technology is significantly increased light transmittance for accurate colour reproduction, even when shooting in situations that involve various light sources.

Another interesting camera hardware of the X100 Pro is the 50MP ZEISS APO floating telephoto lens. APO stands for apochromatic lens, which has great colour correction capabilities to better control chromatic aberration; that’s what happens when you see green or purple edges around objects in an image.

As for the “floating” nature of the X100 Pro’s 50MP telephoto lens, it adopts the ZEISS floating elements design to form a segmented periscope structure. This results in improved focusing performance, making it easier to get shots in focus when you’re using the X100’s telephoto sensor.

Okay, enough talking about the X100 Pro’s camera hardware; let’s see some shots taken with the phone.

Quite impressive, isn’t it? There are two main camera features of the X100 Pro that are worth highlighting: ZEISS Multifocal Portrait and Telephoto Sunshot. The former allows users to take portrait shots with great subject separation at five different focal lengths: 24mm (1x), 35mm (1.5x), 50mm (2.2x), 85mm (3.7x), and 100mm (4.3x).

These many focal lengths allow users to take different styles of portraits. Whether you want to snap a wider portrait image that includes the background or a tighter, more intimate shot, the X100 Pro can do it all, thanks to its versatile ZEISS triple camera system.

Telephoto Sunshot, on the other hand, uses vivo’s very own algorithms and the ZEISS APO floating telephoto camera to best capture shots of…well, the sun. Given just how bright the star is, it can be tricky for smartphones to accurately capture scenes with the sun, but the X100 Pro can do so just fine. Of course, its zooming performance is very good too, maxing out at 100x digital zoom.

Further enhancing the camera performance of the X100 Pro is the vivo V3 Chip. The 6nm chip enables a slew of features for capturing 4K Cinematic Portrait videos, including video bokeh and beautification, five sets of cinematic templates, and even focus transition. These features are made possible thanks to the chip’s newly designed Multi-Concurrent AI Cognitive-ISP Architecture with Second-Generation FIT System.

On top of that, the V3 chip also has a feature dubbed Game Super Resolution Mode to improve in-game textures and character models.

Speaking of which, powering the X100 Pro is none other than the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chip, a flagship-tier processor. Whether you need to multitask and juggle between different apps or do some serious mobile gaming, the Dimensity 9300 will be able to keep up with your demands easily.

Charging speeds of the X100 Pro are also worth highlighting. Packing a generous 5,400mAh battery, the sizeable cell can be charged to 50% in only 14 minutes, thanks to the phone’s fast 100W FlashCharge feature. Charging it all the way to 100% doesn’t take too much time either at only 33 minutes. Even if you’ve got 10% battery left, the phone can still offer up to one hour of use.

Last but not least is the design of the vivo X100 Pro. The camera module takes centre stage on the back of the phone with a Sun Halo design to really highlight its photography chops. And thanks to its IP68 dust and water resistance – a feature that isn’t available on all flagship smartphones, surprisingly enough – you don’t have to worry about water damage with this phone either.

The vivo X100 Pro is certainly a great choice for users who want a capable smartphone camera, and the phone itself is also a competent flagship smartphone with fast performance and large battery. The X100 Pro is now available for purchase in Malaysia; it’s offered in the sole 16GB + 512GB configuration for RM4,599 in two distinct colour options. There’s Startrail Blue – the model you see here – and the more minimalist Asteroid Black.

Every purchase of the vivo X100 series also comes with some neat freebies. These include a 180-day screen protection and vivo TWS Air for the X100, and the same 180-day screen protection with a vivo TWS 2e and vivo Selection Smartwatch for the X100 Pro.

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by vivo Malaysia.

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