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Video: Staebies Review – Endgame Keyboard Stabiliser!

Here it is: our video review of the Staebies. Designed by the renowned Zambumon in collaboration with AEBoards, the Staebies use a new stabiliser design with tighter tolerances than other stabilisers in the market now, eliminating extra room for the wires to rattle or tick. But is this really the case? Watch our review above to find out!

We compare both the nylon and polycarbonate versions of the Staebies in this review to two other popular stabilisers in the market: Durock V2 (in stock form) and C3 stabilisers. The latter is lubed and holee modded, which will give you an idea on how the Staebies compare to properly tuned stabilisers.

If you’re wondering how the Staebies would perform once they are lubed, we will be doing a separate video for that. In the meantime, enjoy our review of these brand new stabilisers!

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