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Video: Qwertykeys QK75 Review – Unbeatable Budget 75% Keyboard

If you want the absolute best budget-friendly 75% keyboard, the value proposition of the Qwertykeys QK75 is very hard to beat. It’s no exaggeration to say that it redefines the budget custom keyboard scene with its refined typing feel, sound profile, and design, as you can see in our video review above.

Unlike previous Qwertykeys keyboards (QK65 and QK60), the QK75 is a PCB-mounted keyboard, allowing for a plateless build with a soldered PCB. It also uses a different gasket system than the previous models, which lends to a soft, comfortable typing feel, not to mention a pleasant sound profile.

The group buy for the Qwertykeys QK75 is now live in Malaysia until this Saturday on 10 December from Rebult Keyboards. It is an unlimited group buy, and fulfilment is expected to start from March 2023 next year – quite a short waiting time in the custom keyboard hobby.

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