Video: NovelKeys NK65 Entry vs. KBDfans KBD67 Lite

If you’re looking for a budget custom mechanical keyboard, there’s a good chance you’ve seen these two keyboard kits: NovelKeys’ NK65 Entry and KBDfans’ KBD67 Lite. If you’re wondering which of the two keyboards is better, watch our comparison video!

We compare the NK65 Entry and KBD67 Lite in four major aspects: typing feel, sound profile, build quality, and value for money. Depending on what you look for in a custom mechanical keyboard, you may prefer one over the other; both of these budget-friendly keyboards have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Unfortunately, both the NK65 Entry and KBD67 Lite are not in stock at the time of writing, though the KBD67 Lite will have its second round of pre-orders very soon. Hopefully, NovelKeys will restock the NK65 Entry soon as well.

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