Video: MYMK Keebmunity Meetup 2022 – SINGAKBD, Monokei, Axiom & More!

The MYMK Keebmunity Meetup 2022 last weekend was filled with a ton of custom keyboards and the local keyboard community alike. If you didn’t manage to come to the gathering – or you want to see if your keyboard was featured – here’s what went down at Malaysia’s first major keyboard meetup!

In the video above, we checked out the booth of well-known vendors and keyboard designers, including SINGAKBD, Axiom Studios, Monokei, Rebult Keyboards, and even our good friends from Singapore, Mecha Store. Get this: Mecha is actually coming to Malaysia by the end of the year.

Hopefully, there will be another major keyboard meetup like this in 2023. Evidently, our local keyboard community is quite big, to the point that the max occupancy of the venue was actually reached. Don’t forget to check our photo essay of the keyboard meetup as well!

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