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Video: Monstargear XO K80 Alu Review

Looking to get a custom TKL mechanical keyboard? Then consider the Monstargear XO K80 Alu. Retailing from only $295 – that comes up to about RM1,220 – the K80 offers incredibly good value for money, especially for an enthusiast-level TKL keyboard. Not quite convinced? Then watch our video review below!

As mentioned, the K80 is a TKL custom keyboard. It also has an aluminium casing, an aluminium plate – you can get an FR4 plate as well, which is what we’re using in this review – a brass weight, and a sandwich mounting system. You can also purchase the gasket kit (which we did) to change it to a gasket-mounted keyboard instead.

If you’re keen to purchase the Monstargear XO K80, you can do so right here. That’s right, it is actually in stock right now, so you don’t have to wait very long to get your hands on the keyboard. If you want a TKL custom keyboard with immensely good value for money, the K80 is the one to get.

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