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Video: Meletrix Zoom65 Essential Edition V2 Review – Creamy, Thocky, Budget Keyboard

Here’s our review of the Meletrix Zoom65 Essential Edition V2! Meletrix changed up some design elements of the new Zoom65, and while it’s not remarkably different from the previous model, it’s still quite a compelling custom keyboard with great value for money.

Some of the changes introduced with the V2 version of the Zoom65 include a seamless top case, a nice, glass backplate with a gradient finish, a new sleeve gasket design – simplifying the build process, to an extent – along with support for per-key RGB for those who like their custom keyboards with a bit of bling.

The Zoom65 Essential Edition V2 will enter groupbuy on 26 January next week with a $175 (about RM750) starting price. Fulfilment of the custom keyboard is expected to start from April 2023 onwards, which is really quite fast. More details on the Zoom65 V2 can be found here.

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