Video: Kommu Promises Plug & Play Self-Driving Tech for Affordable Cars

Any level of self-driving is usually reserved for more expensive cars, but Kommu aims to change this. We sat down for a chat with Wong Kean Wei and Kok Yuan Ting from Kommu to talk about its plug and play self-driving solution, which essentially adds self-driving capability to (almost) any car.

However, this is by no means an autopilot feature. We were told that Kommu aims to achieve level 2 semi-autonomous driving with its solution, which allows the car to maintain longitudinal and lateral controls automatically. Of course, driver’s attention is still needed, and there are some measures in place to ensure this.

Kommu plans to release the finished product by March 2021 next year. If you’re keen to give it a try, you can head on to Kommu’s website right here to register your interest. You may even be able to try out the self-driving tech for yourself in January 2021; that’s when Kommu plans to hold an early test drive event. Enjoy the video!

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