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Video: Ion Zenith Review – ALMOST Worth the Wait

This is the Zenith, designed by Ion Keyboards and manufactured by Rama Works Foundry. As a premium 65% custom keyboard with a unique macro column on the left, it certainly looks (and feels) the part. However, the Zenith also has some shortcomings, including QC that should’ve been better for a keyboard at this price point.

Despite the issues I faced with the Zenith, I am still quite happy with it. It has a fantastic, clean, clacky sound profile – have a listen to our sound test in the video review above! – it offers a firm (but not overly so) typing experience, and although my unit doesn’t have perfect QC, it still feels very, very premium.

Do I regret purchasing the Zenith? Not at all, though the 15 months wait does take away some excitement from the premium keyboard – in my opinion, anyway.

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