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Video: Geonworks W1-AT Review – Old-School Custom Keyboard!

Tired of modern custom keyboards? Want a more “old-school” board? Well, the Geonworks’ W1-AT is just that. Not only does it have a unique layout, it also has other features that are…well, a blast from the past. Watch our video review above to find out more!

Some of the unique features of the W1-AT – beyond its unconventional layout – is a plateless build with two mounting styles: top mount or tadpole mount. The former is a stiff mounting style, while the latter provides a softer, more comfortable typing experience.

Although the groupbuy for the Geonworks W1-AT has ended, you can still purchase it through the extras sale, which could happen soon on Swagkeys. Alternatively, you can also follow Geonworks’ Discord server for the latest updates.

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