Video: Genshin Impact – Wishing for Eula!

Eula, a new 5-star Cryo character, is now available in Genshin Impact. Given that there hasn’t been a new 5-star character in the game in over two months – the last one was Hu Tao, which was released back in 2 March – Eula is particularly interesting.

On top of that, Eula has a rather unique playstyle as well. Wielding a claymore, she is a DPS character that focuses on physical damage. Based on our early damage test against Dvalin, Eula can definitely dish out some big damage – you can see for yourself in the video below.

Eula’s “Born of Ocean Swell” banner will be available until 8 June, so if you want to get the new 5-star Cryo character, start wishing for her before she’s gone!

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