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Video: Damiensaber Xenopixel Lightsaber Review – $169 vs. $379 Hilt!

Here’s our video review of the Damiensaber Xenopixel lightsaber! If you’ve wanted to see the lightsaber in action, watch the video above. Trust us, it will look like something out of a Star Wars movie – well, sort of.

To recap, Damiensaber’s Xenopixel lightsaber features a neopixel blade, so it looks very bright; almost like an actual lightsaber. Paired with its extremely smooth swinging sound, it really does feel like we’re living our Jedi (or Sith) dreams.

If you’re keen to purchase a Xenopixel lightsaber from Damiensaber, you can do so on its official online store. You can also join its Discord server to get some valuable resources (and updates) on its products.

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