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Video: Chosfox Arctic Fox Sound Test + Quick Review – Interesting Clicky Switch!

Clicky switches are (almost) unanimously disliked in the custom keyboard scene. Not only is it more difficult to lube due to its design, the loud nature of the switch is also considered undesirable. For myself, I just don’t like the fact that a clicky switch masks the sound profile of a keyboard.

But the Chosfox Arctic Fox, to my surprise, is actually an interesting clicky switch. While I won’t consider it to be a high-end switch by any means, it’s certainly giving me second thoughts about my opinion on clicky switches – just take a listen in our sound test video above.

Here’s a quick summary of the Arctic Fox: it’s a clicky switch with 52g operating force and a long 20mm spring for a more “responsive” typing experience, as the switches will have a more pronounced return. Aside from that, it also has polycarbonate top and bottom housings, while the stem is made of POM.

When actuating the Arctic Fox on its own – that is, without mounting it on a keyboard – it is unmistakably loud with a high-pitched click; even more so than the Kailh Box Jade or Navy switch. But once it’s installed on a keyboard, it sounds more muted and subdued, though some may still find it too loud, as you can hear in the video above.

But what I like is the typing feel of the Arctic Fox, especially its tactile bump. Not only is it a pleasant medium tactility, the switch’s click jacket also has a crisp feel to it when it’s actuated. I also appreciate the fact that the tactile event is situated almost in the middle of the downstroke – it has 1.7mm pre-travel with a total travel of 3.6mm.

Thanks to the Arctic Fox’s box design, this switch has minimal wobble as well, which makes for a more stable typing experience. However, it’s worth noting that the downstroke of the switch has a slight scratchiness to it, though the tactile click does mask this quite well.

I personally quite like the Chosfox Arctic Fox despite not being a fan of clicky switches. While I wouldn’t exactly take this switch over, say, the SP-Star Meteor White – linear switches are still my favourite – I was definitely surprised by how much I actually like it.

Of course, if you’re not a fan of clicky switches, I don’t think the Arctic Fox will change your mind. Nonetheless, those who are keen to get this clicky switch can do so on Chosfox’s official online store.

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