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Video: Akko CS V2 Switches Review – Perfect for Newcomers!

Figuring out your switch preference is one of the most important first steps as a newcomer in the custom mechanical keyboard hobby. That’s where these Akko CS V2 switches come into the picture: thanks to their very affordable nature, they are perfect for beginners to try out.

There are three switches in Akko’s CS V2 series: Radiant Red (62g linear), Vintage White (45g linear), and Lavender Purple (50g tactile). As mentioned, these are budget-friendly offerings; a box of 45 switches for the Radiant Red and Lavender Purple cost RM38, while the Vintage White (oddly enough) is priced at RM39.56 for the same amount of switches.

Anyway, if you’re here in Malaysia, you can get the Akko CS V2 switches from Shopee. Alternatively, you can also get it directly from Akko right here. Curious to see (and hear) how these switches perform? Then watch our video review above!

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