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Video: Akko ACR67 Review – Very Pink, Very Budget-Friendly Acrylic Keyboard

The Akko ACR67 is the perfect entry-point to the custom mechanical keyboard hobby. Not only is it affordable, it also has a number of attractive features, including an acrylic case, a gasket mount design, and even a hotswap PCB.

How much do you have to pay for these features? Only RM289.99 on Shopee Malaysia. If you’re not in Malaysia, you can get it for $85.99 (about RM360) directly from Akko’s online store. Really, there’s no denying the sheer value for money the ACR67 offers.

If you’re not sure the Akko ACR67 is for you, watch our full review of the affordable keyboard in the video above. Of course, as with all of our keyboard reviews, there’s also a sound test at the end of the video!

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