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Touch ‘n Go Launching New Card With NFC – Reloadable With TNG eWallet App

One of the most requested features for the Touch ‘n Go card is finally coming in the next few weeks. According to the company, a new TNG card with NFC capability will be introduced soon, which will allow users to reload the card directly with the TNG eWallet app.

This was revealed by the CEO of TNG Digital, Ignatius Ong. According to him, the new TNG card can be reloaded using an “NFC-enabled port” through the TNG eWallet app. Of course, you’ll need a phone with NFC capability in order to take advantage of this feature.

It’s worth noting that this feature was supposed to be introduced last year, and it seems like it is finally ready to be launched. Once the new TNG card with NFC is here, we imagine most folks will migrate to it for the added convenience of not having to go to kiosks or retail outlets for reloading purposes.

No word yet on when exactly the new NFC-enabled Touch ‘n Go card will be available for purchase; the retail price has not been announced yet either. Nonetheless, more details should be revealed in the next few weeks.

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