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Touch ‘n Go Card & SmartTag to Be Phased Out in 2025

The use of RFID for toll payments is slowly being adopted by more users, though Touch ‘n Go and SmartTAG seem to still be the preferred payment method at the moment. Well, come 2025, these two options will be phased out, so you won’t be able to use them anymore for toll payments.

This was confirmed through an exclusive Free Malaysia Today interview with works minister Fadillah Yusof. According to him, the Touch ‘n Go card will be retired come 2025 – which is already delayed from 2023 – and given that SmartTAG works in tandem with the card, it will also be phased out.

This is done in preparation for the multi-lane free flow (MLFF) barrier-free tolling system, which should speed up traffic. After all, there would be no toll booths anymore to slow down traffic, and Fadillah mentioned that highway concessionaires had been instructed to be ready to implement MLFF by 2025.

It’s also worth noting that once RFID adoption rate has reached a certain point, road users will be able to use other forms of digital payment. “Soon, it will be up to the public to use any digital mode of payment – whether you want to use TNG eWallet, debit or credit card, as long as there’s a link available on a (particular) highway,” Fadillah said.

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