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This “Perodua Myvi” Is Made From 1.27 Million Lego Bricks – On Show at Publika Until 29 May

The Perodua Myvi, often fondly referred to as the “king of the road,” has been immortalised in Lego bricks. This life-size scale of the Myvi – humourously dubbed “Mybi” by the creators – is built by 15 Malaysian builders using a whopping 1.27 million Lego bricks.

This is the work of Bryks Art, a collective of artists. The Mybi is a part of the…King of the Road Showcase, which is clearly an homage to the nickname of the beloved B-segment hatchback. It took about two months to build this painstakingly detailed Myvi replica, complete with an interior!

Aside from this impressive life-size recreation of the Myvi, there are also four other Lego works inspired by the hatchback. There’s a “flying” Myvi, a Myvi tractor, a Myvi ATV, and even a Myvi tank. While these works are smaller in scale, they are still very impressive.

If you want to see these awe-inspiring Perodua Myvi Lego works in person, you can do so over at Publika Shopping Centre at the King of the Road Showcase. The artwork will be there until 29 May this Sunday.

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