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This Is the SINGAKBD Unikorn SE – In-Stock Sale, Less Than 60 Units

The next in-stock sale for SINGAKBD’s very popular Unikorn custom keyboard – and likely the last for 2023 – is happening very soon with the SINGAKBD Unikorn SE. This is set to be the fourth in-stock sale of the 60% custom keyboard, and as usual, it will be done through a raffle.

Now, unlike previous in-stock sales of this keyboard, the Unikorn SE is a much more limited model. Less than 60 units will be up for grabs in the upcoming raffle, and it has a more unique-looking weight design on the bottom of the keyboard along with a light blue finish.

Do note that those who won the previous Unikorn R2.2 raffles are allowed to join this round of sale for the Unikorn SE. Given that anyone can join the raffle – combined with the fact that very limited units are available – this will be a tough raffle to win.

Nonetheless, details on the SINGAKBD Unikorn SE’s raffle will be revealed in the near future. No pricing details have been detailed yet either, but for the sake of comparison, the regular Unikorn R2.2 went for RM1,950. Check out SINGAKBD’s official Discord channel for any updates on the Unikorn SE.

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