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This Is the OnePlus 12 in Flowy Emerald – Launching 4 December

The OnePlus 12 is set to be unveiled in China next week on 4 December. Ahead of the phone’s launch, the company revealed the design of the upcoming flagship phone. Not only is the OnePlus 7 offered in a rather sleek-looking Flowy Emerald colourway, the alert slider has also been repositioned.

Previously positioned on the right side of the phone with the OnePlus 11, the alert slider on the OnePlus 12 is being moved to the left side. According to OnePlus, this is done to improve the antenna performance of the phone to achieve lower latency when gaming.

Beyond the repositioning of the alert slider, OnePlus also showed off a sample shot taken with the OnePlus 12’s Hasselblad-branded camera system. The image above of the Dart River in New Zealand – which also serves as an inspiration for the OnePlus 12’s design – is said to be shot with the phone’s 3x periscope telephoto camera.

The OnePlus 12 will be introduced in China next week on 4 December, with a global rollout expected the following month in January 2024. Given that its predecessor, the OnePlus 11, made it to Malaysia, we reckon the OnePlus 12 will also be available on our shores in due time.

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