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This Is (Possibly) Malaysia’s First Keyboard Cafe in George Town, Penang – Opens End-May 2022

Who would’ve thought we’d get a keyboard cafe right here in Malaysia? Click & Brew, located in George Town, Penang, could very well be the first-ever cafe of its kind on our shores. Not only does it sell custom mechanical keyboards, it also serves coffee.

Interestingly, Click & Brew will also offer workshops on mechanical keyboards and coffee, though no particular details have been revealed yet. After all, the cafe isn’t actually open yet; renovation works are still being done, as shown on its Instagram page.

The cafe also has its own online store with various keyboards, switches, keycaps, and even coffee for sale. Although some items seem to be in stock already, you can’t actually buy them yet. We’ve tried purchasing a couple of products, but there’s no option for pickup or delivery at checkout.

Regardless, Click & Brew is expected to start operating by the end of May 2022 this month. If you’re in Penang by then, it may be worth checking out. To get the latest updates on the status of the cafe, follow its Instagram, Facebook, and online store.

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