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This Game Sold for an Eye-Watering RM6.5 Million

Collectibles can go for an astronomical amount of money, and this could very well be the most expensive game to ever be sold. A sealed copy of Super Mario 64 for the classic Nintendo 64 console went for auction yesterday at Heritage Auctions, and it sold for a whopping $1,560,000 – that comes up to about RM6.5 million.

This sealed Super Mario 64 cartridge is said to be the “highest graded copy of the single best-selling video game on the Nintendo 64.” It’s worth noting that it also had a $100,000 starting price for the auction, which is already quite high.

Just a couple of days prior to the sale of this incredibly expensive copy of Super Mario 64, another Nintendo game – The Legend of Zelda for the NES – was sold at the same auction house. This particular game went for a cool $870,000, which is approximately RM3.65 million.

The sheer rarity of these two games definitely play a part in driving up their prices in the auction, not to mention their significance in the video game industry. If you’ve got any classic games in your collection, you may want to check if they’re worth any serious amount of money.


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