The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4’s Flex Mode Is Surprisingly Useful

Beyond the impressive technological feat of a foldable phone’s flexible display, the foldable nature of these devices actually have a few practical uses. This is especially so for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 with its clamshell design and software features.

Take the Z Flip 4’s Flex Mode. Depending on the app I’m using, folding the phone in an L-shape can move the content to the top screen, with controls in the lower half. Apps that don’t support this feature natively can be forced to do so, where the bottom screen can even act as a touchpad.

While this feature may seem…well, gimmicky, it’s actually quite useful in certain scenarios. I find it quite convenient to watch YouTube videos in Flex Mode while I’m having lunch, for example. I don’t have to strain my neck as much looking down on the phone if it was placed flat on the table instead.

Aside from that, the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s ability to (essentially) stay upright on its own also makes it great for shooting hands-free videos. I’ve been bouldering quite a bit lately, and it’s convenient that I can just put the phone on a surface to shoot a video of my climbing attempts instead of lugging around a tripod.

The flexibility – excuse the pun – of the Z Flip 4’s foldable nature opens up more creative ways to capture shots from different angles as well. Whether you want to take those tricky low or high angle photos, the Z Flip 4’s foldable display will come in handy to frame your shots.

Beyond the practicality of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4’s Flex Mode, there’s also the fact that it is an eye-catching device. After all, it’s a phone that folds in half, and even today, there are still no real mainstream alternatives to the Z Flip 4, especially here in Malaysia.

Samsung is easily the leading player in the foldable smartphone market now with the Galaxy Z Flip 4, along with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 for those who need a bigger display. If you want a refined, sleek-looking foldable phone, you can’t really go wrong with Samsung’s offerings.

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