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The Password Game Is Incredibly Frustrating (And Addictive)

I haven’t played a browser game quite as frustrating (and addictive) as The Password Game. As its name suggests, the objective is to create a password that adheres to certain “rules” that will appear as you progress through the surprisingly interactive game.

Developed by one Neal Agarwal, The Password Game starts off with relatively simple rules, such as creating a password with a minimum of five characters with a number included. Once you got far enough, you’re even required to include today’s Wordle answer in the password!

No two “playthroughs” are the same either: some questions change every time you attempt the game. It’s also worth noting that you can actually lose in The Password Game, believe it or not. Without spoiling the surprise, let’s just say there are some…unique mechanisms that will end the game.

If you want to try out The Password Game for yourself, you can do so here. The furthest I got to is Rule 32, and at this point, the game gets quite a bit more complicated. All in all, I highly recommend the game for those who want a brain teaser that gets increasingly more challenging.


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