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The Last of Us Part II Coming on 21 February 2020; New Trailer Revealed

We finally have a release date for The Last of Us Part II. The exclusive title for the PlayStation 4 system will be dropping on 21 February 2020, and in conjunction with the announcement of the release date, there is also a new trailer.

Arguably the biggest reveal in the trailer is the appearance of Joel, who was the main character in the first instalment of the game. Given that previous trailers of The Last of Us Part II never featured him at all, it’s a pretty big deal to see that he’s a part of the new game. Then again, it remains to be seen just how prominent of a role he will play.

Announced alongside the new trailer and release date are also the many editions of The Last of Us Part II. There are four physical editions of the game: Standard Edition, Special Edition, Collector’s Edition, and…Ellie Edition. That’s right, there’s an Ellie Edition, which is naturally the most elaborate one.

Bundled inside the $230 (about RM965) Ellie Edition of the game are a number of interesting items, including a “full-sized, fully functional recreation of Ellie’s backpack” from the game. There’s also a 12-inch Ellie statue, a 7-inch vinyl record with music from the original soundtrack, a life-size replica of Ellie’s bracelet, and an embroidered patch.

The $170 Collector’s Edition (approximately RM710) of the game has mostly the same items as the Ellie Edition, but it doesn’t have Ellie’s backpack, the vinyl record, and the patch. You are, however, still getting the six enamel pins, a lithograph art print, a set of five stickers, a 48-page mini art book from Dark Horse, and of course, a custom Steelbook case.

If you want something more affordable, there’s the Special Edition, which contains the mini art book and Steelbook case. You’re also getting the digital content, which include a PS4 dynamic theme, and a set of six PSN Avatars. This edition goes for $80 (around RM335) in the US.

What about the regular Standard Edition? Well, pre-ordering it would get you two in-game items: the ammo capacity upgrade, and crafting training manual. It’s not much, but it’s the most affordable at only $60 (about RM250).

Currently, Malaysian pricing for the physical editions of The Last of Us Part II have not been revealed yet, but you can place your pre-order for the online copies now on the Malaysian PS Store. There’s the Standard Edition (RM239) and Digital Deluxe Edition (RM299).

Pre-ordering either one of these digital copies will get you a PSN Avatar with Ellie’s tattoo, along with the same items you get for pre-ordering the physical Standard Edition and Special Edition (for the Digital Deluxe), but in digital form instead.

The Last of Us Part II will be exclusively available on the PlayStation 4 on 21 February 2020. As we approach the release date of the game, Malaysian pricing of the physical editions should be revealed. Hopefully, the Ellie Edition will be coming to our shores too.

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