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The Cute Monokei x Singa Neko 40% Keyboard Is Now on Pre-Order Until 10 September

Monokei and Singa’s cute 40% custom keyboard, Neko, is now available for pre-order. Though the 40% HHKB layout of the Neko is not for everyone, it may appeal to folks that want a really compact, premium custom keyboard.

Two variants of the Neko are available. The more affordable Standard kit, which starts at S$510 (about RM1,590), features a full aluminium case in six different colours (Blush Pink, Olive Green, Royal Purple, Suave Blue, Titan Grey, Silver), a polycarbonate plate, and brass weights.

As for the more premium Neko SE kit, it comes with polycarbonate top and bottom in Frosted White, a copper plate, a copper weight, and a copper “cat weight” for a cool S$620 (about RM1,930). If you want a hotswap PCB instead of a solderable one, that will cost an extra S$15 (around RM45).

Of course, that’s a lot of money, but you do get a premium compact keyboard. The Neko uses a gasket mounting system, along with a pretty neat-looking weight in the shape of a cat on the bottom of the keyboard. Launched alongside the Neko are also four aluminium keycaps, a “Neko Asobi” deskmat, and a smaller “Neko Maru” deskmat.

If you’re curious as to how the Neko sounds like, take a listen to Taeha Types’ video below. He tried out a prototype unit of the Neko SE with both copper and polycarbonate plates.

The pre-order of the Monokei x Singa Neko will end at 11PM (Malaysian time) on 10 September 2021. It’s set to start shipping sometime in Q3 2022, while the Neko accessories will be delivered in Q1 2022.

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