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The Acer Predator Thronos Air Is a Decadent RM58,000 “Gaming Chair”

Remember the original Acer Thronos gaming chair? Well, there’s a more “affordable” option now, the Acer Thronos Air. Retailing at a whopping $14,000 (that’s about RM58,675) in the US, this “gaming chair” is actually quite a bit more affordable than the first model, which retailed at $20,000 (approximately RM83,825) in the same market.

So what did Acer do to bring down the price of the Thronos Air? By simply removing the automatic motorised monitor arm, which has been replaced with a manually operated arm. Beyond this one change, the Thronos Air is still encased in a steel structure.

Actually, there is one other thing that differentiates the Thronos Air from the original: the chair has a massage function now. Interesting, isn’t it?

Other features of the Thronos Air are similar to its predecessor. It can still house three monitors, with a handle right below the middle monitor’s stand to raise or lower them manually. Of course, the keyboard and mouse tray remain adjustable, so you can get into a comfortable position regardless of your seating angle.

Speaking of which, the Thronos Air also has a foot rest to keep your feet elevated for maximum comfort. Really, this gaming chair is all about keeping you comfortable in your gaming sessions. Given just how costly the Thronos Air is, this is something you’ve come to expect.

Interestingly, if you plan to livestream your gaming sessions, it’s possible to place a camera right above the middle monitor. What about your PC itself? For that, a platform is placed right behind the chair to accommodate your desktop PC, complete with a cable management system to keep everything neat.

Not surprisingly, you can also customise the Thronos Air with a number of additions. These include a seat stabiliser – it prevents the chair from moving around when you’re gaming – a headset holder, a USB hub, and even a cup holder (because why not). To complete the look, the chair has a teal blue lighting that emits “a soft cool glow.”

The Acer Predator Thronos Air gaming chair will be available globally from the fourth quarter of 2019. If you’re keen to get it, there’s a good chance the Thronos Air will be made available in Malaysia. After all, the first Thronos eventually made it here.

Just expect to pay a small fortune for this decadent gaming chair.

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