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The Acer Predator GD711 Gaming-Centric Projector Offers 240Hz Refresh Rate

If you’ve always wanted to game on a large projector with high refresh rate, you can now do so with the brand new Acer Predator GD711. What makes this gaming-centric 4K LED projector particularly interesting is the fact that it can run at a blazing fast 240Hz refresh rate.

However, the 240Hz refresh rate is only reserved for PCs, and the resolution is limited to 1080p, even though the Predator GD711 is capable of projecting 4K content. If you connect a gaming console to the projector, it will display content at 1080p with a 120Hz refresh rate instead. It’s worth noting that this projector supports VRR too.

Other specifications of the Predator GD711 include 4,000 LED lumens of brightness, HDR10 support, a throw ratio of 1.22 – Acer recommends a 100-inch screen thrown from 2.7m – and even a 10W speaker. There’s also the Predator GM712, which is a lamp-based 4K projector, though not much details have been revealed.

The Acer Predator GD711 is set to be available in China first sometime in November with a 11,999 Chinese yuan starting price, which comes up to about RM7,765. It remains to be seen if the GD711 – or even the GM712 – will also be sold here in Malaysia.

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