The Acer Predator Extreme Electric Scooter Is Incredibly Fun & Fast

Aside from its latest range of laptops, routers, and even water purifier, Acer also showed off a rather interesting product at Computex 2023: a Predator-branded electric scooter. This is the Acer Predator Extreme, and not only does it have an aggressive styling, it’s quite a capable scooter too.

Unlike “conventional” electric scooters, the Predator Extreme looks to have a rather sophisticated dual suspension system with a peak power output of 700W. Acer also said that the scooter’s “sturdy build” allows riders to perform stunts with it, such as doing wheelies, jumps, and even curb hops.

Performance wise, the Predator Extreme has a max speed of 25kmph (due to regulations). While that doesn’t sound particularly fast, the scooter’s 29Nm of torque does allow for quick acceleration from standstill; it was quite intimidating when we took it for a ride. As for range, its 36V battery offers up to 22km of range on a single charge.

At the moment, pricing and availability of the Acer Predator Extreme have not been revealed yet, so it’s hard to say if the electric scooter will even be offered in Malaysia. Nonetheless, if the Predator Extreme does eventually arrive on our shores, we’ll definitely keep you updated.

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