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Students & Youths Can Claim RM200 eWallet Credit on 26 June – Setel, TNG eWallet, Boost

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has revealed the start date for the eBelia Rahmah initiative, which offers RM200 ewallet credit to eligible students and youths. Registration for the initiative will begin on 26 June this coming Monday, and over two million folks will benefit from this.

Three ewallet services are chosen for the eBelia Rahmah initiative, which includes Setel, TNG eWallet, and Boost. On top of the RM200 ewallet credit provided by the government, additional incentives – including cashback and various rewards – will be given by these ewallet services too.

In order to be eligible for the eBelia Rahmah RM200 ewallet credit, you have to either be between the age of 18 to 20, or a full-time student in an institution of higher learning. RM400 million is allocated for this initiative, which was first tabled at Budget 2023.

The registration period for the eBelia Rahmah initiative will begin from 26 June to 22 August 2023. As for the RM200 ewallet credit itself, it has to be spent by 31 August 2023 through “offline” purchases, meaning it can only be spent at physical retailers.

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