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Stellantis Takes Over Peugeot Operations in Malaysia From Bermaz Auto

It looks like Stellantis will be handling the Peugeot brand directly in Malaysia, taking over the sales and distribution of Peugeot vehicles from Bermaz Auto. According to Stellantis, it will also be setting up a new national sales company (NSC) in Malaysia sometime in the first quarter of 2024 next year.

During this transition period, Bermaz will continue to work with Stellantis for vehicle sales through its own network, as Stellantis puts it. “We are excited to announce this new business strategy to serve the Malaysian market with more products and services under the new NSC structure. This includes the future introduction of new brands to Malaysia under the Stellantis portfolio,” said the COO for ASEAN and general distributors at Stellantis, Daniel Gonzalez.

The Executive Chairman at Bermaz Auto, Tan Sri Ben Yeoh, also chimed in. “From the onset of our partnership, we adopted the role of being the custodian of the Peugeot brand in Malaysia, as we are passionate in building brands. Hence, we gladly accepted the challenge in 2020 and together with the Stellantis team, we worked diligently to further develop the brand in Malaysia.”

“Today, we are proud to be able to steer it in the direction where Stellantis is ready to take it further. We are fully supportive of Stellantis’ global ambition,” he added.

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