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Slimmer PS5 Now Available in Malaysia From RM2,069

The new, slimmer PS5 is now available for purchase in Malaysia! The console has been listed on Sony Malaysia’s online store, and as previously revealed, the updated PS5 starts at RM2,069 in Malaysia for the PS5 Digital Edition. Yes, there is no price increase for the newer model.

If you want the standard PS5 instead with a Blu-ray disc drive – which is now detachable – it’s still priced at RM2,499. It’s worth noting that the Blu-ray drive itself can also be purchased separately for RM529, and both versions of the new PS5 now feature a larger 1TB SSD.

Compared to the original PS5, the new model “has been reduced in volume by more than 30%, and weight by 18% and 24% compared to the previous models,” as the company puts it. It is also shorter and slimmer by 33mm and 44mm respectively, and it has four separate cover panels now – the bottom covers are still finished in matte, while the top covers are glossy.

As mentioned, the new PS5 is equipped with a larger 1TB SSD compared to the previous model’s 825GB drive. Curiously, only a horizontal stand will be provided with the updated console now. A new vertical stand, which is also compatible with the original PS5, is sold separately for RM149.

Both versions of the PS5 are still currently sold in Malaysia, but as PlayStation previously confirmed, the slimmer model will be the only model available once existing stocks of the original PS5 are sold out. If you’re keen to get the new PS5, head on to Sony Malaysia’s online store. Deliveries will start from 20 February onwards.

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