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SINGAKBD’s Popular Unikorn Custom Keyboard In-Stock Sale Happening Soon – 600 Units Only

Local brand SINGAKBD’s very, very popular Unikorn custom keyboard is back for 2022. Set to be sold as an in-stock product – albeit through a raffle – only 600 units of the highly sought-after 60% keyboard will be available.

So far, two colours of the Unikorn 2022 have been confirmed: Berlin Blue and Reseda Green. More colours could be made available at a later date, though there will not be a polycarbonate version of the keyboard for this round of sale.

According to SINGAKBD, 600 units of the Unikorn 2022 are available in-stock; they will be sold in two runs (300 units each) or three runs (200 units each). The keyboard’s sale will be done through a raffle instead of a first-come-first-served format as well.

No word yet on how much the SINGAKBD Unikorn 2022 will cost, though the brand said that it should be priced higher compared to the previous round – where it went for RM1,600 – due to higher metal prices. It’s not confirmed yet when the raffle for the Unikorn will take place, though we reckon SINGAKBD will make an announcement on its official Discord channel.

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