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ShopeePay Introduces “Deals Near Me” Feature – Offers up to RM8 Cashback

To drive more footfall to offline businesses, ShopeePay is introducing the “Deals Near Me” feature. Basically, it allows ShopeePay users to discover cashback vouchers from nearby merchants – you can get up to RM8 cashback with this new feature.

Deals Near Me is an online-to-offline (O2O) feature that is meant to encourage ShopeePay users to visit nearby businesses, including cafes, restaurants, and even services. Once you’re in the Deals Near Me page, you will find a list of vouchers offered by nearby merchants.

These vouchers, which can be purchased for only 5 sen, offers a range of cashback up to RM8. Of course, in order to enjoy this cashback, you will need to pay using ShopeePay. According to Shopee, the introduction of Deals Near Me has “driven footfall of over 100,000 customers to 130 early adopters” of the feature.

In order to gain access to ShopeePay and the Deals Near Me feature, you’ll need to use the Shopee app. You can download it over at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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