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Samsung Shows Off Genshin Impact Edition of Galaxy Z Fold 4 & Buds 2 Pro With Ganyu

It appears more phone brands are releasing special edition devices themed after Genshin Impact. OnePlus, for one, released the OnePlus Ace Pro with Hu Tao’s design elements in China last month, and this time around, it’s Samsung with Ganyu-themed Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

Looking at images posted online, the Genshin Impact edition Z Fold 4 and Buds 2 Pro look to be mainly focused on accessories for the two devices, though there seems to be a special Ganyu theme for the foldable phone. The Buds 2 Pro also gets a rather neat-looking cover for the charging case.

The special edition Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Buds 2 Pro are said to be showcased at G-Star, an annual game expo that takes place in Busan, South Korea. Aside from this Genshin Impact collaboration, Samsung released other devices themed after Cookie Run and Civilization: Reign of Power as well.

Given that Samsung is only showcasing the Genshin Impact edition Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro in South Korea – at the moment, anyway – it’s likely the two devices won’t be offered in other markets. Nonetheless, we reckon parallel importers will bring in the device into other markets (including Malaysia) one way or another.

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