Samsung Powerstick Jet VS9000 Quick Review: Worth RM3,599?

Most folks would associate Samsung with its mobile business, but the Korean company’s home appliances are pretty darn popular among consumers too. Well, that’s exactly what we have here: the Samsung Powerstick Jet VS9000, a high-end cordless vacuum cleaner with some very interesting features.

Given its premium positioning, the Powerstick Jet is without a doubt a costly product. So the question is, can this vacuum cleaner justify its exorbitant RM3,599 price tag? Let’s find out.

What It Is

The Powerstick Jet VS9000 is a versatile cordless vacuum cleaner. For the Malaysian market, the sole variant of the VS9000 comes with a wide array of attachments. These include the Turbo Action Brush, Soft Action Brush, Mini Motorised Tool, and even the Spinning Sweeper.

The Spinning Sweeper attachment is particularly interesting, as it turns the vacuum cleaner into a mop. It can also be attached with two kinds of cloths: disposable wet ones, or a microfibre cloth. Of course, you also get a number of attachments to extend the length of the vacuum cleaner.

Also bundled with the Powerstick Jet is a pretty elaborate charging stand. While some may not be a fan of the bulky design, it’s certainly functional. The vacuum cleaner’s various attachments can be clipped to the stand itself, and there’s even a charging slot in the base for a spare battery. It’s really quite a nice touch.

As mentioned, what makes the Powerstick Jet particularly enticing is its Spinning Sweeper attachment, which no other cordless vacuum cleaner offers. This, in turn, makes it a more versatile cleaning product.

The Good Stuff

For starters, the Powerstick Jet is a joy to use. Swapping between the different attachments, for one, is an easy and painless process. The three-button operation of the vacuum is also intuitive enough to use. Hitting the middle button switches it on, while the left and right buttons reduces and increases the power accordingly.

There are three power options: Min, Mid, and Max. At the maximum power setting, the vacuum does make itself heard, but it’s certainly quieter than your standard vacuum cleaner. Besides that, I wish I had more precise control over the power options. The difference in suction power between the three modes feels a tad too drastic for my liking.

Speaking of which, the Powerstick Jet’s suction power is more than adequate for all kinds of usage scenarios. Whether it’s to take dirt out of a carpet or using the Spinning Sweeper to mop the floor, this vacuum cleaner does it all very, very well. In fact, I was confident enough to use it to clean up little bits of broken glass.

What about battery life? On average, I was getting about 30 minutes of usage when alternating between the Med and Max power settings. That’s reasonably good battery life for a 3,000mAh cell, though I’m not entirely convinced it can achieve Samsung’s quoted usage of up to an hour.

Another aspect of the Powerstick Jet that I really like is the ability to clean the whole dust bin; that’s not something most of its competition can do. The bin itself is completely removable, and practically every single one of its component can be washed. That being said, the 0.5l bin is on the smaller side of things.

Last but certainly not least is the overall design of the Powerstick Jet. The vacuum cleaner itself looks sleek, solid, and dare I say, futuristic. When it’s placed in the charging stand, it really does draw the attention of friends and family members that happened to glance at it. Since most vacuum cleaners are clumsy contraptions usually hidden away in a closet, the Powerstick Jet’s modern design is a breath of fresh air.

The Bad Stuff

For a product that costs as much as the Powerstick Jet VS9000, you would think it’s the perfect cordless vacuum cleaner. But alas, as with any given product, there are some aspects of the VS9000 that could be improved upon.

There were a couple of times where I was trying to dock the Powerstick Jet to the charging station right after I’ve used it, but it wasn’t possible…because I’ve got the Combination Tool attachment on. There isn’t enough clearance, so I had to remove it, clip it to the stand, and only then it’s possible to dock the vacuum as per usual. It’s a minor issue, I admit, but if the stand was a couple of inches taller, it would have been great.

Aside from that, choosing from the myriad of attachments bundled with the Powerstick Jet can be a little overwhelming sometimes, especially when I’m looking for the right one for a certain task. I wanted to clean some small debris on my carpet with the vacuum cleaner, and I switched between the Soft Action Brush and Turbo Action Brush before finally settling on the smaller Combination Tool to get the job done.

Another minor issue I have with the Powerstick Jet is the weight of it. Granted, tipping the scales at 2.7kg, it’s not a particularly heavy vacuum cleaner, but it does get slightly tiring to use for extended periods of time. Carrying the vacuum around as I’m cleaning cobwebs on the ceiling or dusts on window sills isn’t exactly fun.

And of course, my last gripe with the Powerstick Jet is the sheer cost of it. Retailing at RM3,599, it sits right at the top of the price range of high-end vacuum cleaners. The good news? Retailers are actually listing this product for a lot less now. In fact, a Preferred seller on Shopee is offering it for only RM2,813 – that’s exactly RM786 off, not including the various vouchers you can apply to get additional discounts.

Is It Worth It?

There’s no denying it: the Samsung Powerstick Jet VS9000 is a costly product, but so are its closest competition. If you want the absolute best, premium cordless vacuum cleaner money can buy, the VS9000 fits the bill. To make it that much more enticing, it costs considerably less than its original asking price now, giving it an edge over, say, the even more costly Dyson V11 series.

On top of that, the Powerstick Jet’s ability to double as a mop – thanks to the Spinning Sweeper attachment – is something other cordless vacuum cleaners simply do not offer. It also helps that this is a sleek, modern-looking product that won’t look out of place even in the most stylish living spaces.

I mean, it even looks good when it’s docked at the charging station. Evidently, Samsung has put a lot of thought into the design language – and functionality – of the Powerstick Jet.

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